Pokemon got a taste for going “Mega” in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and now they can’t stop. Maybe it’s like eating evolutionary potato chips.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire have a veritable passel of Mega-evolved Pokemon. Tell you what, I am really digging Mega Pidgeot. It might be my favourite Mega-evolved form since Charizard X.

It’s interesting, because the new design doesn’t add a lot – just more tendrils, which seems to be a fashion statement amongst the Mega-evolved (how’s it going, Mega Rayquaza?). But Mega Pidgeot also has some very handsome blue tips on its wings and tail, lending a striking splash of colour to an otherwise dull-looking Pokemon. Hey, I’m not blaming the bird for its plain plumage. It’s based on a pigeon. Poor trash-eating bugger.

Another Mega-evolution, Mega Beedrill, is an interesting revelation. I’m not a competitive Pokemon battler, but even I know Beedrill reaches its full potential far too quickly to be considered useful. I looked it up on Smogon, and sure enough, it’s classified as NU – Never Used.

Don’t let me fool you into thinking I learned of Beedrill’s limitations on my own, though. I was in high school when Pokemon Red / Blue came out, and everyone geeky enough to hang out in the computer lab at lunchtime (e.g. me) would talk Pokemon until the bell rang.

For some dumb reason, we all worshipped Beedrill. We’d fooled ourselves into believing it was a powerhouse that couldn’t be annihilated by a fart from a baby Charmander. We painstakingly raised Weedles, hatched Kakunas, and paraded our Beedrills like pedigree dogs.


And in subsequent Pokemon releases, I still caught and raised up at least one Beedrill. Try and guess how many times Beedrill has accompanied to a battle with the Elite Four. I’ll help: Zero.

I think the spell is finally broken, though. I was putting a Kakuna through the paces in Pokemon X and I just stopped and realized, “My God. I’m an idiot.”

I guess it’s not hard to be impressed by a giant insect that has spikes on its forelegs as well as a big honkin’ stinger. The Asian giant hornet isn’t a fraction the size of a Beedrill, it only has one stinger, and it still manages to project itself as a screaming holy terror. So, bigger bee = more terror. Right?

But I won’t be taken in with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Nope. Not even Beedrill’s new Mega form is enough to force me to raise an unwanted Pokemon like some kind of cuckoo egg.

(Four spikes on its legs, though!)