Pour out that scotch and soda and flick off the lights: According to a press release distributed earlier today, Club Nintendo is coming to an end.

Don’t blow all your amassed Coins in a haze of digital debauchery, though. If you’re in North America, you can earn coins via game surveys through March 31, and you have until the end of June to spend them.

Nintendo will be announcing a replacement rewards program at a later date. I vote for “Buy five games, get a big sandwich.”

Nintendo will also be adding some new rewards to help you make it rain. Flipnote Studio 3D will be available as a free download in February. We should see more rewards (physical rewards, even!) as the coming month unfurls.

If you like, you can still register to Club Nintendo through March.

  • discord_inc

    Good bye Club Nintendo, we know your were pretty inconvenient at time but still could get us some cool swag from time to time

  • http://www.fp.ucf.edu Matthew Green

    I vote for “Buy five games, get a big sandwich.”

    Is there a captain’s hat involved?

    • http://www.tinygirltinygames.com Nadia Oxford

      There’d better be.