When I started Tiny Girl Tiny Games, I’d hoped to shine a positive light on mobile games as well as games from dedicated handheld systems (Nintendo 3DS / PS Vita). It’s a bit of a job, mind: A lot of mobile games are free-to-play, and while there are many FTP games I enjoy, people are suspicious of the monetization formula in general.

Not that I fault the suspicion. Way too many mobile developers don’t bother to hide the fact their “free” games exist to rip people off.

Simogo’s Device 6 is a rarity. Not only is it a puzzle / adventure game that’s thoroughly yours after you pay a one-time fee, but it’s also a game that can only exist on a phone or a tablet. Whereas I can see myself playing a lot of mobile games on Nintendo 3DS (Mega Man X – sigh), I can’t picture Device 6 working on anything except for a single-screen device that adjusts itself as you flip it upside-down and sideways. Which is what you need to do in order to follow Anna’s plight.

Anna is the protagonist of Device 6 – a seemingly ordinary woman that wakes up alone in an abandoned castle and slowly comes to realise she’s not ordinary at all. Towards the end of the game, she receives a personalized one-on-one concert that doubles as a plea to stay in this new, weird world. Without giving too much away, the song’s lyrics combined with the manner in which it’s presented (let’s just say “human robot”) is unsettling.

“Anna” is by musician Jonathan Eng. You can buy the song on iTunes. If you decide to try out Device 6 and find yourself stuck like a fly to a beehive doormat, I wrote a walkthrough for the game way back in the day.