Is it cheating to link to an article I wrote for another site? I’m going to go ahead and say “no.” This is what happens when you give me power, people. Run. Hide. Send your children to the countryside.

Some big news that’s survived the weekend and trickled into this week revolves around the possibility of a live-action Legend of Zelda Netflix series. The reception has been mixed. When people are confronted with the words “Live-action” and “Legend of Zelda,” they think of two distinct things: The live-action 1993 Super Mario Bros movie bomb, and DIC’s Legend of Zelda cartoon series from 1989 (you know, the “X-cuuuuse me, Princess!” one).

In other words, news of this impending series hasn’t been met with overwhelming positivity.

This is history. It was also kind of funny, tbh.

This is history. It was also kind of funny, tbh. is an Android / NVIDIA tablet site I write for, and sometimes I get to cover general gaming when it’s big enough. I listed five reasons why a televised Zelda series might actually be super-cool.

Long post short: 1989 and 1993 are far behind us. Video games have changed, storytelling within video games has changed, and Nintendo has changed.

Even family entertainment has changed. Much as I appreciate the dumb cartoons I grew up with in the ’80s, only the most nostalgia-crazed amongst my generation can tout G1 Transformers or He-Man over the depth and scale of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, or even the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Rescue Bots (which is meant for real little kids – there’s no violence, fighting, or even Decepticons – but it still manages to be engaging and endearing).

Family-friendly shows are far smarter than they used to be, and Nintendo knows it’d be catering to a wide (and picky!) audience. I think it’d put some serious effort into a live-action Zelda series.

I hope we get to see.

  • James Fletcher

    I’m trying to be optimistic about this since I want to see Nintendo license their character more. Admittedly I was hoping for Archie, Boom, or someone to announce a line of Nintendo comics, but I suppose a TV show is good too.