Short observation for today. Short, but … thought-provoking.

I live in a large-ish apartment building, which means I come into contact with other game-lovers. Usually we talk games via thirty-second conversations snatched in the elevator (thirty-five seconds if I fling myself into jerk mode and hold the elevator door open and scream down the hall. “OH MY GOD, LAGUNA LOIRE IS THE BEST, I LOOOOOOVE HIIIIIM–“).

But sometimes words don’t need to be exchanged to share a passion for the game. Take, for instance, this guy I’ve been StreetPassing with on an almost daily basis for years. We only know each other via radio signals, but I think we share a bond that’s all the purer for lacking physical interaction

He’s changed his profile several times. Lately, he’s been “bowser.”


He’s usually wearing his Bowser hat, from the depths of which he declares “raaaa” whenever he shows up at my Mii’s garden gate. But I kind of like the au naturel look. I think it suits the great turtle monarch who is, as we all know, a softy deep underneath that spiky shell.

I’ve never brushed up the courage to send this guy a private greeting, by the way. I don’t know if I’d like what he has to say. Getting closer to bowser might be like opening a Lovecraftian gate. Could I ever shut it again? Could we go back to being simple digital neighbours?

Sometimes there is beauty in ignorance.


  • feitclub

    I’ve been streetpassing our neighbor for years. I’m not sure if it’s the mom or her daughter, and I don’t dare ask. It is the only real interaction I have with anyone in their household.

  • James Fletcher

    I’ve had similar experiences at conventions. By the second day or so you start running into repeats and you wonder just who it is you’ve passed.

    Though speaking of conventions, I always found it fascinating when people advertise their tables through their Streetpass method. I have no idea how well it works, but it’s still and interesting use of the technology.