I find vertical-scrolling shoot ‘em ups easy to zone out with, and let me tell you, I like zoning out. I’ve already yelled about the fact I love dragons, so it only made sense that I’d gradually cozy up to Dragon Flight, a simple but highly addictive shmup from Next Floor Games.

I first reviewed Dragon Flight a couple of years back. There wasn’t much to do beyond shoot at lines of dragons and upgrade your firepower, but it still kept my attention because it was easy to play and disgustingly cute.




I played the Dragon Flight religiously enough to wind up near the top of the leaderboards, but I eventually dropped it because I never bothered to move the app from my crummy iPod Touch 4 to my less crummy iPhone 5. So I downloaded it again on a whim earlier this week, even though the app has seemingly been bought by another company and I had to sign up for a skeevy social app to access all the game’s features.

Then I learned something interesting. A lot of cool stuff has been added to the game – and the English text has been pulled out.

Dragon Flight is on the US App Store. The description on said App Store is in English. But in-game, everything is Korean.

What the heck?

In all my years of reviewing mobile games, I’ve never seen anything quite like this [puffs pipe, rattles newspaper]. It’s still playable, but menus are needlessly difficult to navigate. How do I hatch dragon eggs? How do I hatch dragon eggs?!

Well. At least the female dragons still have bows on their heads.