Splatoon, Nintendo’s highly-anticipated shooter  / strategy game had a “global test fire” over the weekend, which is an interesting way of distributing a demo of an online game before its release. Reactions to the test fire were very positive, though it sparked a lot of discussion about Nintendo’s decision to kibosh voice chat, a staple for shooting games.

Some players praise Nintendo’s decision to keep Splatoon’s environment friendly by yanking voice chat out by its roots. Critics say this is another example of Nintendo hiding its head in the sand while the industry evolves around it.

Personally, I think —


…Uh, I think —


Er, um, that is to say —


…All right. Look. I downloaded Neko Atsume for my iPhone over the weekend. I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ll get back to you all on this one.

If you want to download / play Neko Atsume for iOS or Android (DON’T DONT DANGER DANGER VROOP VROOP DANGER DANGER 2 CUTE 4 U), here’s a great tutorial. The game is only in Japanese (for some reason), but it’s a breeze to navigate, especially with the tutorial at your side.