There’s a major issue with Dragon Quest VIII’s 3DS box art.

And that problem is–

The box art isn’t in English.


“This box is in unacceptable condition. UNACCEPTABLE. CONDITION.”

That might be changing, according to industry tittle-tattle. Seems Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii said some things he shouldn’t have, indicating an English-language release of Dragon Quest VIII (and Dragon Quest VII!) 3DS are incoming.

I actually have Dragon Quest VIII for mobile, but I had to delete it because that shit be nearly 1.5 gigs and I’m a dumbass who sauntered into a Rogers store and picked out a 16 gig model iPhone 5, even though I was very aware at the time that I’d be using the device primarily for gaming.

Otherwise, the adaptation actually isn’t bad at all (like Final Fantasy VI, Dragon Quest VIII is a game that can’t be spoiled by poor transitions or remakes), though I don’t like being forced into using portrait mode. Also, the mobile adaptation does away with the English translation’s awesomely goofy British voice acting, even though said acting is the kind of audial treat the world needs more of.

This is my long, winding way of saying I really want to see what Dragon Quest VIII on the 3DS will wind up being like, especially as far as the English localization is concerned. Besides, though I’m a mobile game apologist, I’ll take the 3DS’s tactile controls over touch-screen controls any day, any time. With some very rare exceptions, mind.

I guess all that’s left now is to play the waiting game.


  • jimsquires

    The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

  • InsertTokenz

    I wouldn’t mind some more Dragon Quest goodness in my life. If Square Enix is down to bring VII and VIII over to North America, I’ll bite.

    I guess while I wait, I should start playing Dragon Quest VI. Still haven’t started that one yet. :)

    • Nadia Oxford

      Worth the purchase! I don’t like it quite as much as V, but it’s still a great RPG.

      • InsertTokenz

        Dragon Quest IV and V are my favorites in the series thus far. I look forward never the less in seeing how VI plays out!