Some time ago I started up a new game of Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I haven’t exactly been speeding through it; I’m just dabbling here and there. That’s OK though, since this wee pocket-sized Zelda title is specifically engineered to accompany you in fits and starts.

Most Zelda fans will agree one of the nicest things about Link’s Awakening is that Nintendo obviously thought hard about what makes a good Game Boy game, and then it poured all those ideas into a Zelda adventure that’s nearly pixel-perfect. Link’s Awakening is small, but it’s big on spirit and feelings. But your eyes stay desert-dry every time you see the game’s ending, right? Of course. You’re tough. Like an Octorok made of Kevlar. Rrrrg!

In my opinion, one of Nintendo’s most obvious “we care” beacons in Link’s Awakening is the game’s chipper soundtrack, particularly the music of Tal Tal Heights. Just listen to that energy.

It’s adventurous (as you might expect a remix of the main Zelda theme to sound), but it carries a slightly sinister edge. After all, Tal Tal Heights is the resting place of the Wind Fish’s egg, and throughout the game it’s made obvious that waking up the Wind Fish is bad news — but wholly necessary.

And now, a lighthearted anecdote to take Link’s ill-fated dream and lost love off your minds. I was once walking home from school when I heard the Zelda theme floating through the air. I honestly thought I was suffering from some kind of delusion brought on by playing too many video games. I was terrified.

Turns out my Game Boy had simply switched on after getting jostled around in my knapsack.