Drop everything you’re doing, and —

–Yeah, yeah, kidney dialysis is important, but when I say stop and drop everything, I mean it.


Neko Atsume has received an English translation for iOS and Android.

Note I’m saying “English translation” and not “English release.” This is an update for the app, not a separate download.

What’s that mean? If you’re like me and you’ve been playing the game in Japanese for months, it means you keep all your progress and you simply get the option of an English translation.

Admittedly, the sudden application of an English translation may be slightly awkward for players who named all their cats beforehand without a full understanding of the animals’ genders and personalities.

Though I’d say I was right on point with Ulfric, as he’s apparently a “sore loser.”


Plunging Skyrim into chaos in a van down by the river.

I’ve written about Neko Atsume more than once, so I’m not even going to tell you it’s worth downloading. I’m just going to sit here, glare at you, and tap my watch.

[tap tap]

By the way, if you really are on dialysis, don’t endanger your life. No need. Just download Neko Atsume where you are. It’s only 12 megs.

  • Takeshi

    This is really helpful to include an english version since some people don’t understand the original language. I was not playing this before due to its language, and i’m glad they’ve released the english version. Latest Neko Atsume English

    • Nadia Oxford

      I hope all those cats make Sad Keanu a bit happier.