So. Miitomo. It’s Nintendo’s first mobile app, and it’s out.

How is it?

I reviewed Miitomo for USGamer, since I’m kind of the mobile person for the site [adjusts collar self-importantly]. Having been a mobile games reviewer since 2009 (JESUS), I think I’m qualified to say Nintendo put together a great app. The paywalls are fair, it’s got a lot of character, and I’ve been having fun with it since it launched at the end of March.

In my review I make note of how Miitomo is perpetually cheerful. It’s not like Twitter or Facebook; the question prompts make it difficult to bitch about your life, the universe, and everything, unless your cynicism stat is off the charts and you manage to turn “What’s your favourite sweet treat?” into “A NICE BIG FROTHING CUP OF KILL ME I HATE MY LIFE.”

But my excellent friend Daniel Feit pointed out something particularly lovely about Miitomo’s positivity: The app is engineered to let you compliment your friends, and to have your friends compliment you. Over the past few days, I’ve had people (well, their Mii daemons) tell me how they enjoy my writing and my sense of humour. And … it’s nice. It’s really nice.

No Context Theatre Presents: No Context.

No Context Theatre Presents: No Context.

It’s also something we desperately need in this political and social climate, where the internet’s perpetual war of will and words is like 1984’s never-ending battles between Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Talking heads loudly declare victories over the enemy, but there’s no definite end in sight. No sign that the Coming of the White is on its way.

So I’ll take my cheer-ups wherever I can find them.

Thanks, Miitomo! And thanks, people who take the time to read my junk! It still humbles me greatly to know people invest their time and energy in my work.

If you want to be my friend on Miitomo, go ahead and send a request via your Twitter name!

Sidenote: Shout-out to Nintendo for not censoring the filthy Mii chatter (and sometimes filthy Miifotos) that permeate the Miitomo universe. However, I noticed that while the app’s Miis emote according to what they’re saying (hearts throb in their eyes over topics of love, for example), their faces remain stonily neutral when they swear, even if they’re belting out “I GOT THE WORST RIMJOB FROM A LEATHERDADDY CLOWN TODAY, HOLY SHIT”

It’s Nintendo’s beautifully subtle way of letting you know you’re being a naughty child, and while it’ll allow it, it does not approve.


  • Roto13

    Sorry, what, I started singing that damn song about not eating pills and my reading comprehension disappeared.

    • Nadia Oxford

      The puppet told you not to put it in your mouth, Roto. You put it in your mouth, didn’t you?