Hello, everyone. I’ve been a bit of an absentee mother, haven’t I? Well, I brought some ribbon candy to make up for my scarcity. Open wide. Here it comes. Eat it. EAT IT.

In all seriousness, I have the same lame-ass excuse as every other shirker on the planet: I’ve been busy. I work full-time at USgamer, plus I’ve been doing some side-work for Luminous Echo, an upcoming fantasy project. Oh, and I’m the co-host of Axe of the Blood God, a podcast about RPGs.

Also on the boilerplate: An erotic novel about a pansexual vampire-incubus, a bisexual half-human, half-dragon, and their wa-a-a-a-cky pals. I’m not joking, you guys. Oh, and whatever biz I manage to get done over at Archive of Our Own.

In all honesty, I’m pretty content with how my life is going [knocks on wood 500 times]. I’m still dealing with health issues, i.e. fibromyalgia and some kind of mysterious stomach pain that’s yet to receive a diagnosis, but I like who I am, I enjoy what I do, and every day I’m humbled that people read my stuff and keep me employed. Thank you!

“That’s great, Nadia,” you say while petting a cat (because that’s how I like to imagine you), “but what about Tiny Girl Tiny Games?”

I still love updating with whatever’s on my mind, though things have only very recently slowed down at work. The March launch of the Switch was weird, and intense. Working full-time for USgamer means I don’t have the energy for daily essays, but there is certainly stuff I plan to put up, and I believe May will be fruitful.

Here's a headline: "The New Zelda is Like Hooooly Shit, You Guys."

Here’s a headline: “The New Zelda is Like Hooooly Shit, You Guys.”

This is my roundabout way of saying that if you’re a Patreon supporter, I adore you and your hot bod, but if you’d like to yoink your monthly donation and maybe spend it on something more worthy (there are a lot of good political causes to support out there), I am 100% down.

Now, money is always grand, and I can always use it: Us writers are one missed paycheque away from pissing in alleyways. But for the most part, I’m all right. Far better off than I was when I started TGTG.

If I call your name forty times in a raging storm, however, please come running back to support me. Full-time employment is fleeting in this economy.

As for those of you who decide to keep giving me $$$: Thank you. Bless. I’ll be revising my Patreon soon, including re-thinking rewards, etc. Most of the tiers I have going now just don’t work, because the nature of the site has changed (I DO intend to collect some of my better essays into print, however – I wonder if there’d be any interest in them outside of Patreon rewards if I self-published).

Suggestions are welcome. If you’re a Patron, what kind of cool stuff would you like to see from me?

…Snippets of the aforementioned gay vampire novel? ‘Cause man, I will DO it.

  • Rowan Idris Carmichael

    I’m concerned your gay vampire novel will not be gay enough? Will it rival Disney’s “exclusively gay moment” in beauty and the beast?